Analysis In Action

We focus on three areas

Hiring the Right People


Improving Team Productivity


Teaching Sales People How To Build Relationships

We provide an entire spectrum of sales and marketing consulting services to diverse product and service-based industries, as well as to the families of the many professionals we serve. Also, we can easily create custom programs for individuals and groups of all sizes, for events from just one hour to a full week in length.


Our services are available to owners, managers, sales managers, and professional sales people from coast to coast, especially those in the financial services industry.

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Client: Sales Consulting for Merrill Lynch
Client: Reco Equipment
Client: Wells Fargo
Client: Hollingsworth
Client: Morgan Stanley
Client: McKinley Carter

What our customers are saying

She is the senior partner on a team with $1.4 billion under management: “I always knew there was something like this out there—I just never knew where to go to find it.”
-Million Dollar Producer at Morgan Stanley

“The first thing we do is look at the numbers—and then we look at the people. We would never consider a merger or acquisition without you telling us who the people are.”
-CEO of a Financial Services—IT—Mortgage Company headquartered in West Virginia