Our Testimonials

She is the senior partner on a team with $1.4 billion under management: “I always knew there was something like this out there—I just never knew where to go to find it.”
-Million Dollar Producer at Morgan Stanley

“I just wanted to let you know that you helped our new hires outperform the district, the region, and the division.”
-Manager of Merrill Lynch Satellite Office

“Since we started using the Keese Assessment Center to screen applicants our success rate for new hires is over 90%, even with the occasional political hire I have to make.”
-Manager of Merrill Lynch Complex

“We’d like to share an abstract from your newsletter—Production Solutions. It would be included in our Colorado Business Banking Newsletter that goes to 350 team members in Colorado.”
-Banker from Wells Fargo Bank

“We would have folded up if you hadn’t shown us what was really happening with our team.”

Partner of a Law firm

“I would be doing my people a great dis-service if I didn’t allow them to go through your “Starting Point Selling” program.
-Manager of Merrill Lynch Complex

“The first thing we do is look at the numbers—and then we look at the people. We would never consider a merger or acquisition without you telling us who the people are.”
-CEO of a Financial Services—IT—Mortgage Company headquartered in West Virginia

“Thank you!”
-Financial advisor who raised $110 million in his first 18-months in the business

“For the first time ever we have teams calling in asking to be invited to the next session you are doing on team building. The feedback we’re getting is amazing.”
-Staff Member at Merrill Lynch Headquarters

“This was the best hire we ever made. Before the Assessment Center came along we had hired 7 people in 4 years for that same job.”
-Partner in a large property management firm

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